The purpose of this program is to assist our participants in obtaining employment, engaging in volunteer work, and obtaining a post-secondary education

Tailored Day Services will incorporate an individualized approach to the strengths, needs, interest, and conditions of the consumer. Tailored Day Services is designed to serve individuals whose interest, needs, and goals towards independence and integration can be met; with the assistance individual 1 on 1 training, provided by Valley Light Industries.


The purpose of this program is to assist and support adults with significant needs with developing the necessary skills to obtain their goal of community integration through employment, volunteer and education.


The purpose of this service is to assist the client with their goal of obtaining integrated employment opportunities in their community within a 6-18 month period of time.


VLI will assist the client in their pursuit of furthering their education by attending college, adult education programs, continued education, or trade school. Our client will develop social interaction skills, learn how to utilize school resources, and comfortably navigate themselves throughout the educational community.


The client will develop social interaction skills by utilizing community volunteer opportunities. The client will develop the necessary social interaction, interpersonal, and vocational skills necessary to ultimately reach the consumer’s employment goals.